AI to Replace Programmers in 5 Years, Says Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque

Emad Mostaque
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize the tech industry, and according to Emad Mostaque, the CEO of Stability AI, programmers may become obsolete within the next five years. In a recent interview with author Peter H Diamandis, Mostaque made a thought-provoking statement about the future of programming and how AI tools like ChatGPT replacing Programmers.

The Rise of AI: A Shift in the Tech Landscape

During the episode titled “Why AI Matters And How To Deal With The Coming Change,” Mostaque shared his vision and insights on the current state of AI. He painted a bleak picture of the future, suggesting that humans might face challenges in this rapidly evolving landscape.

To support his claim, Mostaque referred to data from GitHub, revealing that a staggering 41 percent of all code is currently AI-generated. Moreover, he emphasized that AI has gained significant popularity, surpassing even Bitcoin and Ethereum in contributions on GitHub within just three months.

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ChatGPT: AI in the Palm of Your Hand

Mostaque also predicted that people would have access to ChatGPT on their smartphones within a year, even without an internet connection. This bold statement signifies a fundamental transformation in our technological interactions, with AI playing a central role.

In the video interview, the duo delved into discussions surrounding the fears and hopes associated with AI. They emphasized the importance of providing humans with valuable information while acknowledging the impact of generative AI in sectors such as Hollywood, healthcare, and education. Mostaque even compared AI to a talented intern analyst with a terrible memory, highlighting its potential and limitations.

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Stability AI’s Expanding Horizons

Mostaque took the opportunity to shed light on the wide range of projects that Stability AI is currently undertaking. He revealed the company’s ambitious goal of creating a “Society OS,” an AI model for all sectors and modalities, encompassing video, audio, DNA, chemical reactions, language, and more. While, Stability AI is actively developing these models for various industries, including banking, governance, and even tailoring national models to specific countries.

The CEO emphasized that AI could empower individuals to leverage internet intelligence at its fullest potential, allowing them to create their own AI systems. This shift enables everyone to harness AI to their advantage rather than viewing it as a threat. Mostaque and Diamandis also explored the potential of machine learning research and discussed the revolutionary development of the Transformer model. Mostaque proudly shared that Stability AI’s supercomputers have successfully scaled the Transformer model, surpassing the speed of NASA’s previous supercomputer by tenfold.

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Embracing the AI Revolution

To conclude with AI advancements, programmers and professionals in all sectors must adapt to this paradigm shift. Emad Mostaque’s insights serve as a wake-up call, urging us to embrace the power of AI and its transformative potential and how it is replacing programmers. By harnessing AI’s capabilities and integrating them into our daily lives, we can usher in a future that thrives on the seamless synergy between humans and intelligent machines.

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