Qualcomm Modem Launches Two New Chipsets with Satellite Connectivity

Qualcomm Modem

Qualcomm Technologies, a leading provider of innovative wireless technologies, has made an exciting announcement in the realm of IoT connectivity. The company has unveiled two cutting-edge modem chipsets, namely the Qualcomm 212S Modem and the Qualcomm 9205S Modem, both featuring satellite capability. These modem chipsets cater to the growing demand for off-grid industrial applications that rely on standalone non-terrestrial network (NTN) connectivity or a combination of satellite and terrestrial networks. With these advanced modems, IoT enterprises, developers, ODMs, and OEMs can access real-time information and gain valuable insights to effectively manage their business projects.

Qualcomm 212S Modem: Empowering Stationary IoT Devices

The Qualcomm 212S Modem was specifically developed to address the connectivity requirements of stationary IoT devices, offering enhanced off-grid satellite communication connectivity. One standout feature is ultra-low power consumption, which enables efficient operation in remote, fixed locations while significantly prolonging device lifespans. This modem excels in gathering telemetry from water tanks, gas meters, and infrastructure equipment like water and gas meters while being invaluable in utility grid monitoring, early fire detection reporting, mining installations, and environmental management applications.

The Qualcomm 212S proudly holds the distinction of being Qualcomm Technologies’ first IoT-NTN-only modem to comply with the 3GPP Release 17 standards for satellite communications. By focusing on the essential features required for satellite communications, this modem ensures cost efficiency without compromising on performance.

Qualcomm 212S Modem Availability

The eagerly anticipated Qualcomm 212S is set to hit the market later this year. IoT enthusiasts and industry professionals can look forward to experiencing the cutting-edge features and unmatched performance of this modem in their connectivity solutions. Stay tuned for its release, as it promises to revolutionize off-grid industrial applications.

Qualcomm 9205S Modem: Seamless Connectivity for IoT Devices

The Qualcomm 9205S takes IoT connectivity to new heights by seamlessly integrating cellular and satellite networks, offering comprehensive coverage. This modem incorporates GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to provide accurate location data, further enhancing its versatility. Its capabilities make it ideal for a range of industrial applications that demand always-on, hybrid connectivity. For instance, it excels in tracking shipping containers, agricultural equipment, livestock, and global fleet and freight, significantly benefiting supply chain management.

Both the Qualcomm 212S and Qualcomm 9205S modems seamlessly integrate with the Qualcomm Aware Platform, providing NTN connectivity services and device management for remote areas and business projects that rely on real-time data.

Qualcomm 9205S Modem Availability

In contrast, the Qualcomm 9205S Modem is already available and ready to empower IoT devices with seamless connectivity across cellular and satellite networks. This modem is a game-changer for industrial applications that require reliable, always-on connectivity. Whether it’s monitoring shipping containers, tracking agricultural equipment and livestock, or managing global fleets and freight, the Qualcomm 9205S ensures unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What are the main features of the Qualcomm 212S Modem?

A: The Qualcomm 212S offers exceptional off-grid connectivity through satellite communication. Its ultra-low power consumption makes it suitable for remote, fixed locations, while its compatibility with 3GPP Release 17 standards ensures compliance and efficiency.

Q: How does the Qualcomm 9205S Modem enhance IoT connectivity?

A: The Qualcomm 9205S seamlessly connects IoT devices to both cellular and satellite networks, providing comprehensive coverage. It also incorporates GNSS technology for accurate location data.

Q: What are the industrial applications suitable for the Qualcomm 212S Modem?

A: The Qualcomm 212S is perfect for a wide range of applications, including utility grid monitoring, early fire detection reporting, mining installations, and environmental management.

Q: What kind of IoT devices benefit from the Qualcomm 9205S Modem?

A: The Qualcomm 9205S caters to IoT devices used for tracking shipping containers, agricultural equipment, livestock, and global fleet and freight. It greatly aids in supply chain management.

Q: Can the Qualcomm modems be used in remote areas?

A: Absolutely! The Qualcomm 212S and Qualcomm 9205S modems are compatible with the Qualcomm Aware Platform, making them suitable for remote areas that require NTN connectivity services and device management.

Q: When will the Qualcomm 212S Modem be available?

A: The highly anticipated Qualcomm 212S is scheduled for release later this year. Keep an eye out for its arrival to experience its groundbreaking capabilities.


With the introduction of the Qualcomm 212S Modem and the Qualcomm 9205S Modem, Qualcomm Technologies continues to push the boundaries of IoT connectivity. These modem chipsets offer innovative solutions for off-grid industrial applications, empowering businesses with real-time information and insights. The Qualcomm 212S Modem focuses on stationary IoT devices, delivering exceptional satellite connectivity and ultra-low power consumption. On the other hand, the Qualcomm 9205S Modem seamlessly combines cellular and satellite networks for comprehensive coverage and accurate location data. Both modems integrate effortlessly with the Qualcomm Aware Platform, ensuring seamless NTN connectivity services and device management. As Qualcomm Technologies leads the way, the future of IoT connectivity looks brighter than ever.

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