Uttar Pradesh Police Unable to Locate ‘Baba’ After Hathras Satsang Tragedy Claims 116 Lives

The Hathras Satsang Tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of 116 individuals, centers around Baba Narayan Hari, also known as Saakar Vishwa Hari ‘Bhole Baba’. Originally named Surajpal, he transitioned from being a policeman to a religious preacher, amassing a significant following, especially in western Uttar Pradesh. Bhole Baba hails from Bahadur Nagar in the Kasganj district.

Following a stampede at a religious event in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, which tragically claimed the lives of 116 people on Tuesday, local police launched a manhunt for ‘Bhole Baba.’ This man, originally named Surajpal, is a former policeman who transformed into Baba Narayan Hari, also known as Saakar Vishwa Hari. Known for organizing large gatherings and amassing a considerable following, especially in western Uttar Pradesh, Bhole Baba remains at the center of the deadly ‘satsang.’ Authorities are intensifying their efforts to locate him, given his pivotal role in the event.

Manhunt for ‘Bhole Baba’ After Deadly Hathras Satsang Stampede

The tragic deaths of 116 people in Hathras have been linked to a congregation led by Baba Narayan Hari, also known as Saakar Vishwa Hari ‘Bhole Baba.’ This former policeman turned religious preacher amassed a substantial following, especially in western Uttar Pradesh. Originally named Surajpal, Bhole Baba is a native of Bahadur Nagar in the Kasganj district. Authorities are now intensifying their search for him as he remains at the center of this devastating incident.

Chaos at Hathras Satsang: 116 Dead as Devotees Surge to See ‘Bhole Baba’

Sikandra Rao Sub-Divisional Magistrate Ravendra Kumar recounted the tragic sequence of events in Hathras, where a religious gathering turned deadly. As the satsang concluded, devotees surged forward, desperate to catch a glimpse of Bhole Baba, also known as Baba Narayan Hari or Saakar Vishwa Hari. The chaos ensued as followers clamored not only to see him but also to collect soil from around his feet, believing it to be sacred.

The stampede quickly spiraled out of control. The narrow pathways and insufficient crowd control measures exacerbated the situation, leading to panic and ultimately, the tragic loss of many lives. Witnesses described scenes of utter chaos as people were pushed and trampled in the frantic rush. Despite efforts by some organizers to calm the crowd, the overwhelming number of attendees made it impossible to restore order swiftly.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, authorities worked tirelessly to manage the fallout. Emergency services arrived promptly, but the scale of the disaster posed significant challenges. Rescue operations continued for hours as officials struggled to reach those in need amidst the dense crowd. Medical teams set up makeshift triage centers to provide immediate care to the injured. Volunteers from nearby areas also joined in, helping to transport the injured to hospitals and offering any assistance they could.

Hathras Satsang Tragedy

Aligarh District Magistrate Vishak G Iyer confirmed the transportation of 23 bodies to Aligarh. The victims’ families faced the heartbreaking task of identifying their loved ones. The local administration provided support, ensuring that the deceased received proper rites and their families received the necessary assistance. The community mourned collectively, with many expressing their grief and anger over the preventable nature of the tragedy.

Three injured individuals received medical treatment in Aligarh. One of them, critically injured, remained under close medical supervision. Doctors worked around the clock, utilizing all available resources to stabilize the patients. The condition of the critically injured individual garnered significant attention, with many praying for their recovery. The incident highlighted the urgent need for better emergency preparedness and crowd management at large gatherings.

Authorities launched a manhunt for Bhole Baba, who had quickly become the focal point of public outrage. Originally named Surajpal, Bhole Baba transitioned from being a policeman to a religious preacher, amassing a significant following, especially in western Uttar Pradesh. His teachings and gatherings drew thousands, but the tragic events of the satsang cast a shadow over his reputation. Investigators faced immense pressure to locate him, as the public demanded accountability.

Hathras Satsang Tragedy

Spiritual Gathering Turns Tragic in Hathras

Local leaders and community members called for a thorough investigation into the incident. They urged the administration to implement stricter regulations for large gatherings to prevent such tragedies in the future. Discussions around crowd control, safety protocols, and the responsibilities of event organizers dominated public discourse. The incident also sparked debates on the influence of religious leaders and the need for oversight to ensure the safety of their followers.

In response to the tragedy, the state government announced compensation for the families of the deceased and the injured. Officials promised a comprehensive review of safety measures at religious events, aiming to prevent a recurrence of such disasters. The community, while grieving, expressed hope that the lessons learned from this tragedy would lead to meaningful changes.

As the investigation continues, the focus remains on providing justice for the victims and implementing measures to ensure the safety of devotees in future religious gatherings. The Hathras tragedy serves as a somber reminder of the importance of preparedness and vigilance in managing large crowds and ensuring public safety.

Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba: Spiritual Gathering Turns Tragic in Hathras

Tragedy struck at a satsang in Hathras organized by spiritual master Narayan Sakar Vishva Hari Bhole Baba. The event led to the death of many devotees, sparking controversy and drawing a congregation far larger than expected in Farrukhabad district.

Tuesday evening’s satsang in Hathras turned tragic as a rush led to the deaths of numerous devotees. The event had been organized by the spiritual master Narayan Sakar Vishva Hari Bhole Baba.

UP Hathras Stampede: Who is Narayan Hari, aka ‘Bhole Baba’?

According to a follower, Bhole Baba did not have a religious tutor and decided to retire from service on his own. After retiring, he reportedly had a profound “vision” of God, which deeply influenced him to pursue spiritual activities. Known for organizing ‘satsangs’ every Tuesday, he recently conducted a similar event in Mainpuri district just before the tragic incident in Hathras. His gatherings typically attracted a significant number of followers who were drawn to his teachings and spiritual insights.

The connection between the Hathras stampede and Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba has sparked considerable interest and concern. Consequently, many are questioning the circumstances leading up to the tragic event and seeking to understand how such gatherings are organized and managed. As a result, authorities and community leaders are under pressure to ensure that future events prioritize safety and adhere to necessary protocols to prevent similar incidents.

For further details on the background, teachings, and recent activities of Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba, and to explore the ongoing discussions surrounding the Hathras tragedy

Hathras Satsang Tragedy


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