Unveiling Pooja Khedkar: Facts About the Controversial Trainee IAS Officer in Maharashtra

Puja Khedkar

Puja Khedkar sparked controversy recently by using her private Audi car equipped with a red-blue beacon light and VIP number plate. She moved from Pune to Washim in central Maharashtra after facing allegations of misusing her authority as a probationary IAS officer.According to an official order, Khedkar will complete her remaining training term in Washim until July 30, 2025.

Pooja Khedkar, a 2022-batch IAS officer of the Maharashtra cadre, gained attention for securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 841 in the UPSC exam. The controversy surrounding her intensified when reports surfaced of her demanding privileges not typically granted to probationary officers, including a separate cabin, car, residential quarters, and a peon. Despite these demands being denied, her father, a retired administrative officer, reportedly exerted pressure on the district collector’s office to fulfill her requests.

Additionally, Khedkar faced accusations of misconduct, such as allegedly removing the nameplate of a senior official at the Pune collector’s office when granted the use of his ante-chamber. Furthermore, she was accused of submitting forged disability and Other Backward Class (OBC) certificates during her civil services exam application process.

Reports suggested she also submitted a mental illness certificate. Despite being summoned to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, for verification of her disability certificate in April 2022, Khedkar failed to comply, citing a Covid infection.

These incidents have sparked significant debate and raised ethical concerns within bureaucratic circles about the conduct and integrity expected of civil servants.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has requested a report on Puja Khedkar from the Pune collector.

Puja Khedkar

Pune to Washim Transfer and Allegations

Following accusations of high-handedness, 32-year-old Puja Khedkar, an IAS officer from the 2023 batch of the Maharashtra cadre, sparked another controversy after her transfer from Pune to Washim. Reports allege that she actively misused benefits under the physical disabilities category and the Other Backward Class (OBC) quota to secure her position in the Indian Administrative Services.

PMO and LSBNAA Actions

On Wednesday, sources revealed that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) actively sought a report on the matter from the Pune collector. Additionally, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LSBNAA), responsible for training civil services candidates, also actively requested a report from the state government regarding Khedkar’s actions leading to her transfer to Washim. The LSBNAA will actively forward its findings to the Union Public Service Commission for further review.

Incident with Chief Secretary Sujata Saunik

Sources within Mantralaya disclosed that Khedkar actively entered Chief Secretary Sujata Saunik’s office on Wednesday without prior permission. This incident reportedly disrupted Saunik’s schedule, actively prompting her to redirect Khedkar to meet with Additional Chief Secretary of General Administration Nitin Gadre instead.

Administrative Actions and Responses

Puja’s transfer to Washim on Monday evening followed a recommendation by Pune district collector Suhas Diwase to prevent further administrative complications. Just two days later, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) reportedly intervened by requesting a detailed report on the matter from the Pune collector.

Simultaneously, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LSBNAA) in Mussoorie, responsible for training civil services candidates, has initiated its own inquiry into Khedkar’s conduct. The academy’s findings will subsequently be forwarded to the Union Public Service Commission.

Puja Khedkar

Further Developments and Reactions

Deputy director of LSBNAA, Shailesh Naval, has directed the state’s general administration to compile a comprehensive report, pending approval from chief secretary Sujata Saunik. Sources within Mantralaya revealed that Khedkar entered Saunik’s office without prior permission on Wednesday, prompting a response from Saunik regarding the incident.

Puja Khedkar Pune to Washim Transfer:

These recent events have added fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding Puja Khedkar’s tenure and conduct within the Maharashtra bureaucracy.


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