Holy Festival Mahashivratri

Mahashivratri is a significant Hindu festival celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. The word ‘Mahashivratri’ means ‘the great night of Lord Shiva,’ and the festival is celebrated on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Phalguna according to the Hindu calendar.

Mahashivratri is celebrated with great zeal  by Hindus all over the world. Devotees observe fast, meditate, and offer prayers to Lord Shiva on this auspicious day. It is believed that the worship of Lord Shiva on Mahashivratri helps in seeking his blessings, prosperity, and fulfillment of desires.

Myth Mystery

There are many myths associated with the festival of Mahashivratri. According to one myth, Lord Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati on this day. Another myth states that Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Nritya, a cosmic dance that symbolizes the cycle of creation and destruction, on Mahashivratri.

Puja Rules and Ingredients

On the day of Mahashivratri, devotees wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath. They wear new clothes and visit the nearest Shiva temple. They offer flowers, fruits, and bilva leaves to Lord Shiva and perform abhishekam, a ritual of pouring milk, honey, and water on the Shiv Linga.

Throughout the day, devotional songs, bhajans, and mantras praising Lord Shiva are chanted. In the evening, devotees light diyas and lamps, and perform aarti, a ritual of waving lighted camphor in front of Lord Shiva.

Benefits In Life With Devotion

Mahashivratri is a symbol of devotion, faith, and spiritual awakening. It teaches us the importance of self-control, self-discipline, and detachment from materialistic things. It reminds us that Lord Shiva is the ultimate source of strength, wisdom, and prosperity.

In Conclusion

Mahashivratri is a significant Hindu festival that celebrates the glory and power of Lord Shiva. It is an occasion for spiritual renewal, reflection, and devotion. Let us all come together on this auspicious day to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and strengthen our faith in him.

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