Bajaj Auto launches the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle

Bajaj Auto has launched the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle, the Bajaj Freedom 125, marking a significant breakthrough in the automotive industry. This revolutionary bike offers the unique ability for riders to seamlessly switch between petrol and CNG with a simple button press, offering greater flexibility and potential cost savings.

The Bajaj Freedom 125 is world’s first CNG designed with the environment in mind, aiming to reduce fuel costs and emissions significantly. The dual-fuel system is particularly advantageous for urban commuters looking for economical and eco-friendly transportation options.

In terms of performance, Bajaj asserts that the Freedom 125 can travel up to 213 km on CNG alone, and when combined with the petrol tank, it achieves an impressive total range of 330 km. The petrol tank alone provides an additional 117 km, ensuring that riders have the confidence to embark on longer journeys without frequent refueling stops.

With this launch, world’s first CNG Bajaj is setting a new standard in the motorcycle industry, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Freedom 125 is not just a motorcycle; it represents a step towards a greener future in transportation.

Bajaj Auto Unveils the Revolutionary Freedom 125: The First-Ever CNG-Powered Motorcycle

world's first CNG

Introduction of the Freedom 125

Bajaj Auto has launched the Freedom 125, the world’s first motorcycle capable of running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This groundbreaking 125 cc commuter bike operates on both petrol and CNG, targeting significant reductions in operational costs for riders. Priced between ₹95,000 and ₹1.10 lakh (ex-showroom), the Freedom 125 is now available for bookings. Initially, the launch will occur in Gujarat and Maharashtra, with plans to export to international markets, including Egypt, Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

Cost Efficiency and Design

Tailored for cost-conscious consumers, the Freedom 125 promises a 50 percent reduction in fuel expenses compared to similar models. The motorcycle features both a small petrol tank and a CNG cylinder, allowing riders to switch between fuel types using a handlebar-mounted switch. Positioned strategically under the petrol tank, the CNG cylinder integrates seamlessly with the bike’s design, subtly distinguishing it from other models. Separate filler nozzles for CNG and petrol cater to their distinct storage requirements, with the petrol tank holding 2 liters and the CNG tank having a capacity of 2 kg.

Impressive Range and Fuel Efficiency

Bajaj asserts that the Freedom 125 can travel up to 213 km on CNG alone. Additionally, when combined with the petrol tank, it achieves an impressive total range of 330 km. The motorcycle boasts a fuel efficiency of 102 km/kg for CNG and 64 km/l for petrol, setting a new industry standard.

Performance and Specifications

The Freedom 125 operates with a 125 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with fuel injection, delivering 9.4 bhp and 9.7 Nm of torque. The bike features telescopic front forks and a rear monoshock, while braking is handled by a front disc and a rear drum brake. Riding on 17-inch alloy wheels, the Freedom 125 offers a smooth and stable ride.

Modern-Retro Aesthetic

Stylistically, the Freedom 125 combines modern and retro elements, featuring a round headlamp with a Daytime Running Light (DRL). The design includes a flat seat, a wide handlebar, and center-set foot pegs, providing a neutral riding position. Additionally, the semi-digital instrument cluster displays various indicators, such as a low CNG alert and a neutral gear indicator, enhancing the bike’s functionality and appeal.

Environmental Impact and Future Plans

By introducing the Freedom 125, Bajaj Auto makes a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. The use of CNG, a cleaner fuel compared to petrol, reduces the carbon footprint of the motorcycle. This move aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promote green energy solutions. Bajaj Auto plans to expand the availability of CNG infrastructure in collaboration with government and private entities, ensuring that riders have convenient access to refueling stations. world’s first CNG

Availability and Booking

Initially, Bajaj Auto will make the Freedom 125 available in Maharashtra and Gujarat, with plans to expand to other cities soon. Interested buyers can book the motorcycle at authorized Bajaj showrooms or on the official Bajaj website. This phased launch strategy ensures that the bike will reach a wide audience across the country.

Environmental Impact

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director of Bajaj Auto Limited, emphasized the environmental benefits of the Freedom 125. He stated, “Through innovation, the company has addressed the twin challenge of reducing rising fuel costs and reducing the environmental footprint from travel.” Furthermore, by using CNG, a cleaner fuel option, the bike helps reduce emissions. Consequently, this contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Color Options

To add to its appeal, the Bajaj Freedom 125 comes in five vibrant colors. This variety allows riders to choose a style that suits their personality, enhancing the bike’s overall market appeal.

Achieves 102 km per kg of CNG

The motorcycle achieves 102 km per kg of CNG, allowing it to cover approximately 200 km on a full tank of CNG. Additionally, it includes a 2-liter petrol tank that offers over 130 km of range if the CNG tank runs empty, as claimed by the automaker.

Sharma emphasized, “More than 75 percent of two-wheeler customers prioritize fuel efficiency.” He added, “The Freedom 125 is specifically aimed at these customers, inviting them to ‘Ride the Change’.”

world's first CNG


With the launch of the Freedom 125, Bajaj Auto sets a new benchmark in the motorcycle industry, emphasizing innovation and sustainability. This revolutionary bike not only offers significant cost savings and reduced emissions but also delivers impressive performance and a stylish design, making it an attractive choice for riders seeking an economical and eco-friendly transportation solution. As the Freedom 125 hits the roads, it is poised to revolutionize the way we think about commuting, blending affordability, efficiency, and environmental consciousness into one remarkable package.

The launch of the Bajaj Freedom 125 marks a significant milestone in the motorcycle industry. Not only does it introduce dual-fuel capability, but it also offers cost efficiency and environmental benefits. Consequently, the Freedom 125 sets a new standard for commuter bikes. As Bajaj Auto continues to roll out this innovative motorcycle in more regions, it is poised to revolutionize the way we think about affordable and sustainable transportation.


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